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Группа компаний АКРОС
ИНН 4101013772, 683016, Россия, Камчатский край,
г. Петропавловск-Камчатский, Мишенная улица, 131
Тел.: +7 (4152) 41-58-15, факс: +7 (4152) 41-58-16, e-mail:priem-pk@norebo.com

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The history of  “AKROS” Fishing Joint Stock Company  began  in 1975 when in system of  Kamchatka fishing kolkhozes  , consisting of  medium-capacity vessels, it was created a  joint fleet , operated  on all practically target species fishing in Kamchatka waters.

In May 1992 the Company was  reorganized in Joint Stock Company “AKROS”. This reorganization  coincided with fundamental  review of the economical policy of the Company, with full fleet modernization and with all technological production  subcomponent.  Reliance  for  competitive output  totally proved  its value and  enabled  the Company  to develop  offshore  infrastructure, which  now contains its own berthing  facilities, cold storage with 2 000 tons capacity ,  cargo handling  terminal, repair and maintenance workshop.

Today “AKROS” Fishing Joint Stock Company is included into Association  Fishing Holding Company “KARAT”. Company’s Leadership has complete confidence, that output product quality  improvement is the  basis of  financial  stability. Just according to the market demands, the vessels with   modern  equipment intended  for deep processing and proceeding of fish and  sea products  catch in ecologically clear waters of Okhotsk and  Bering Sea. Each vessel has its own quality control  system , each step – from raw fish catching up to the ready-  made product realization to the Customer  is carefully  supervised by the specialists.

The main criteria in Company’s activity is Customers’ meeting of demands,  thus more than 100  Items of high quality Products, namely made of Pollock, Cod, Halibut, Salmon species, Herring and Squid, Skate and others have gotten the recognition both on the domestic and foreign market.

Trade mark of the Company is well known today far outside of Russia. The largest Companies  of USA, Germany, France, Scandinavian Countries , Japan, Southern Korea  have  cooperated with “AKROS” for many years. Products of the Company has been  severally awarded  by diplomas  on various Expo and  competitions. “AKROS” Fishing JSC was one of the first fishing companies of Russia, which has gotten  International Prize for products quality, according to the  decision of International Trade Leaders Club. All these success couldn’t be possible without qualified staff, excellent men, working in this   Company. Specialists and fishermen of AKROS in recordingly short time are  working up modern technique and technology.

We know and remember about our story and glorious traditions, and are proud of  today achievements . Skills to work and high professional  experience always bring  a success!


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